3 Recipes during shingles

At last, I can return to my blog.

These days, I took rest because I’ve got shingles on backside. I just got better; however, I cannot sit; when I am writing this article, I stand.

It is not easy, but I don’t want the shingles beat me; I have to write.

I have asked why I’ve got shingles. No one knows reason, but I notice I usually got illness related to skin while my weight is heavy. So, obesity can be the cause.

Hence, I am recommended to reduce eating.

Oh no. No way. Eating is my life. I cannot stop it, but I can change what I eat.

During these days, I decrease meat and change to eat fruit and vegetable much more. When talking about my fruits, I prefer eating natural and local ones.

Caramelized Sweet Potato

This one is made by my relative. She made it with palm sugar.

I don’t know how to cook, but know how to eat.

It is sweet so it can increase my weight, but because it is organic, both sweet potato and palm sugar, it gives me less harm than buying from outside.

I can say that it is delicious especially the palm sugar is so sweet fragrant. Though, I don’t eat much; just three pieces only.

Namwa Banana

To replace rice, I use banana and nothing best than Namwa. It helps me to be full, and it contains various vitamins, specially, it helps me to release easily.

The best is to get natural and local banana. It is hard to find because now there are imported from outside countries. However, my family still find the local one. It does not exist everyday and it has very small amount. So when we find, we buy at least two to three.


The shingles made me feel burn inside and I cannot release well.

To help reduce the burn, I use coconut juice. It is very helpful. I feel better.

Coconut is good and useful not only juice, but also meat. I love eating coconut meat. In general, I buy from coconut cart that pass my house. I ask seller to cut for me bigger. When I finish juice, I put spoon into the fruit and take its meat out then eat. It is so delicious to eat like this and this is the way I drink and eat coconut when I was young.

Um, so happy when recalling about this.

Okay. I cannot stand longer. My waists are hurt and my feet are painful as well.

See you next article.

Don’t forget take care of your health.

Have a nice day.

Popular Vietnamese Food in Cambodia

It’s original from Vietnam.

I don’t know how to call it in English; in Cambodia, we call this food ‘Banh Hoy Naem Neung’.

In a plastic box, there are:

Banh Hoy – is made by rice.

Naem Neung – is made by minced pork as main ingredient, I think. Then it is brought to grill. It is little bit salty.

Chai Yor – is made by meat and vegetable inside and wrapped by a thing that I don’t know to say in English. After, it is fried until crispy.

Steam pork – mostly, it is used fat belly. It is steamed until it is cooked. It is bland.

Vegetables – there are many kinds of vegetable:

  • lettuce, but in Cambodia calls it salad.
  • cucumber
  • pineapple, its sour pokes the tongue.
  • young banana – it is different taste from ripe banana, and it is eaten both meat and skin of the banana. Quite good.
  • bean sprout
  • Chinese chive
  • leafy spices – there are few kinds, I don’t remember their names. These leafy is to add not only taste but also good smell. It can reduce bad smell from mouth after eating.
  • rice paper

This food is not complete yet. Unless you have sauce, then you can eat. And the sauce is coming along with fried bean and chili.

Put everything in bowl and put sauce into. If you like to make spring roll, then use rice paper to wrap the ingredient.

Because naem neung is salty and sauce is also salty; therefore, I recommend elder people to drink warm water after eating and if it is possible, try to add small sauce.

You can find this food everywhere in Cambodia, especially in Phnom Penh. Just to inform that the one in this article is bought from a store in Aeon Mall 2.

I Finish Four Egg-fruits

When I was young, I called this fruit ‘poop baby fruit’ because I was told by elder people that this fruit is made by poop of baby. I did not dare to eat it because I thought I would eat…

When I was adult, I realize the elders made joke with me.

When I tried it first time, I said WOW.

This fruit is so delicious.

It is sweet, sticky, and little bit juicy.

When it is ripe, it is really sweet. I like it so much.

It is rare to find in market of Cambodia.

Recently, friend of my family member sent these fruits. No one in the house eats it; only me.

Very good.

I ever read eggfruit is good for health.

Well, plus it is tasty, so I don’t mind to eat four of them.

Um, full.

In each fruit has seed. Some has two, and some has one. I keep the seeds.

I have a site https://www.yayaidea.com/ that notes about my own experience related to gardening. I save seeds of fruits that I eat to grow, then I make article the progress of the plants.

This eggfruit’s seed also will be in my site.

If I can grow it, then in the future, I can eat whenever I want.

Look at my menu at home

Here, I want to show about food cooked at home.

I’m not chef, I’m just an eater.

This one is called Vietnamese sour soup.

I have heard it is original from Vietnam; however, Cambodian edits by using ingredients in the country.

The main ingredient is fish, but we can use chicken meat also. Pork, beef, or duck meat is not matched with this soup. Um, pork bone can be.. but nothing can beat fish.

When there is Vietnamese sour soup, it has to have fried pork. It is my family’s taste.

Because we are told to cook meat well done, so the fried pork is decided to be more gold-brown color than usual.

Sour from the soup and salty from the fry are matched.

Well, I think two food is short for this article, so I add one more. It is called vegetable milky soup.

In general, the milky soup is used chicken meat, but because all members gain weight, so the chef of family decides to remove meat and uses vegetable in stead 😀 .

Please don’t ask me how to do. I only know how to cook fried pork, besides.. hes hes.. I know only how to eat.

Thanks for reading.

See you next article.

Snack and Dessert I eat at Home

Everyone in the world need to eat. Me too. I need to eat, and I love eating.

I can live without love, but I cannot live without food.

Ha ha ha…

I am writer. When I am stuck, I need to boost feeling, and the thing that can push me to find new topic is food.

That’s reason even I cannot get out of home to eat, I’ll find way to bring food to arrive my house’s gate.

Hence, today I would like to introduce the snacks and desserts that I have eaten from early of year till today.


It is a name of the banana. This fruit is growing in Cambodia. This one is my favorite.

The special thing of this banana is its always green. We know that it is ripe when it becomes soft.

Well, it is not expensive, in general. But today, the price is added, however, it is not high. Base on I remember, it is about 7,000 to 8,000 Riels (USD 2.00).

Along the street before my house, there are food carts, some sell vegetable, some sell meat, some sell fruit. They stop for minutes before they travel to other blocks.


Um, I like its sweet and sour taste.

It boosts both my energy and feeling.

I found in my fridge. I don’t know who bought it.

Sangkya Pumpkin

We call it like this.

This is a kind of dessert in Cambodia.

Ladies living in front of my house make dessert to sell. I bought this from them.

Fried Crab Stick and Hotdog

I prefer to eat crab stick without fry. But now a day, I am commented to cook everything, so the crab stick is fried, and I eat it for fun.

Along with the crab stick is hotdog. Um, I don’t like hotdog, but now it is tasty.. ‘whisper: because I don’t have thing to eat’.

He he he…

Naem Neung

It is Vietnamese food, but it is popular in Cambodia, especially Phnom Penh citizens.

I forgot how I got this one.

I just knew that it is delicious.

Chinese Noodle

Actually, in Cambodia we call it Kuyteav Kart (cut steam Chinese noodle).

I don’t know the origin of this food. Some people say it is Chinese food, some say it is Vietnamese food.

Well, I don’t care whose food is.. I just know that I like eating it.

That’s all for my article today.

Allow me to search photo albums. I have taken a lot of photo of food. I need time to check for there are many folders.

Thanks for reading.

Four Dishes I Forget When I Had Them

I just knew that they are Chinese and Japanese food, but I don’t remember where I ate them.

Moreover, I forget the year. Just realized that I had it about three to five years ago.

These two are steam rice.

And the two below are dessert.

Well, if I don’t remember wrong, they are delicious.

Give Myself Weight

Eating is a bless; it is my own opinion.

If I go out, I go to eat.

If I stay at home, I stay for eating.

It is my life.

A few days ago, I had two kinds of snack.

One is Khmer snack. It is called Num Kruok. It is similiar to takoyaki, but Cambodian’s is different. It has no meat inside; it is made by a kind of powder mix with green onion leaf, then it is cooked until the outside is cripsy.

Khmer takoyaki is eaten with fish sauce, salty, little bit sour – and the sauce has coconut milk.

Another snack that I ate is Tard. It is not Cambodian, one hundred percent, but Cambodian creates and adds to match the taste of Cambodian customers.

The tard with yellow color inside is called Egg Tard. The green one is called Pandan Leaf Tard.

I don’t know about other, but for me, I like them so much. Both Num Kruok and Khmer Tard.

European Cities in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is very update.

In year 2020, my friends said, “Let go to visit Europe in the morning then return in the evening.”

At that time, I did not understand, then she took me there and I said WOW.

This is a park, in construction, located in Borey Peng Huoth, Boeung Snor.

I don’t describe in this article. Just showed photos.

Hope you enjoy.

Pub Street in Phnom Penh

When you see word Pub Street, of Cambodia, you may think about Pub Street in Siem Reap. Well, in Phnom Penh, there is pub street too, but it is not called Pub Street, it is called Bassac Lane.

The Bassac Lane is very popular for international tourists. Also, local people go there.

I was invited by my friends to go there.

Perhaps it was during 2020 or early of 2021, I think.

It was evening. After the rain.

One of my friend was not well, and another friend recommended a restaurant cook beef noodle.

The noodle is having soup, beef and ginger. It helps to boost energy especially to help fighting with flu.

I enjoyed the soup too.

Hot soup, burning taste of ginger, tender beef, plus softness of noodle.. my stomach was full.

Then I ordered mango shake for myself.

Good.. my tongue could sense real mango fruit from the drink.. not mango powder like some eatery places.

Hope the store still opens…

I miss the noodle and the mango.

Fast Food & Fast Drink

Sometimes, I know that junk food is not good for health, but my mind keeps crying for it so I have to fail my brain and follow my heart asking for.

Domino’s Pizza

Seafood pizza and cheese…

One slide is enough for dinner.

Cha Tra Mue

I just knew about this brand.

It is original from Thailand.

There are various tastes, but I choose to drink Tamarind Tea.

Good.. sweet and sour.

Most of stores give drink in cup to the customers, but this one puts the drink in different plastic bag, and the customers have to pour it into the cup by themselves.

Okay, I like.

Well, these dish and drink are delivered.. I don’t go out.