Tiny Menu


I found new menu in Food Republic of Aeon Mall 2, located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Let me introduce you.

Noodle with duck meat.

Noodle is made by store owner. The store names, Happy Noodle.

Hand made noodle, fresh and clean taste.


Duck meat is not roast duck, but similar. Meat is not tender but very chewing. It is salty, but not so, just medium.

Soup is not salty. Very impress when it mixes with leek and coriander.

When the meat keeps in the soup, the salt-taste comes out into the soup. It creates strange and good taste combined by salty from meat with bland soup and bitter tastes of leek and coriander.

What I love the most of this menu is all are fresh, especially it is complete real Chinese food.


After noodle, it is bael fruit tea. Well, I don’t like it much for I cannot smell or taste of bael fruit from this drink, but at least I can taste something new.


To eat in Food Republic, you have to exchange money into card. The card is like credit card. When you order the food, you give card to owner of the store of food you choose. They put card in machine. After that, they give you receipt.

Other food stores, in Food Republic, don’t take receipt back from customers, but Happy Noodle takes it back. So you have to keep the receipt, don’t throw it or you, perhaps, cannot get your noddle.

Cambodian Independence Day November, 09


November, 09 2019, it is independence day of Cambodia. It is tomorrow.

I took chance to visit in front of Royal Palace to take photos.


I don’t have anything to say much. Just want to express great attitude and love to my former king, King Sihanouk and others Khmer that worked hard to get independence for Cambodia in 1953.


Bodies were gone but their good deep are living forever in all Khmers’ hearts.

I Eat to Release Sadness


I know it can harm my health but I cannot help whenever I am sad, in my head craves only for food.

When my stomach is full, all sadness is gone.

It does not need to be fancy food, just a small cup of pig brain soup, I can make myself happy.

With hotness of water soup and softness of pig brain, along with sourness of lemon.. well, my life is meaningful.

It is just about $ 1.50 and it is easy to find in Phnom Penh.



Or like others, papaya salad and grilled chicken wing.. about $ 5.00 can fulfill my stomach and it kicks out my sadness outside.



If I have much money, I will enjoy grilled giant octopus and/or spicy crab at Central market. It is about $ 25.00. It is 12.50% of my salary. I don’t care. At least, I am happy after I spend.


Sometimes, only steam rice and fried chicken are enough to make my mind better. I compare my life to this food that sometimes it has normal tastes : blank and salty.


Once, I ever tasted the salmon recipe recommended by my friend. It is not cheap but because my friend paid me so I was glad to enjoy with her. It is new taste for me. Even I don’t like the new taste, but sometimes, I think I should try something new.


Well, it does not mean all food is delicious. Like this soup, I don’t really like the taste but because I want to release sadness so I let it comes into my stomach. It cannot make all sadness out but some. I don’t care much although it is delicious or not because I think about some people cannot find food to eat.

Even though I hope everyone don’t take my habit.

What I Found On October, 12 2019


October, 12 2019, I visited Cambodian Product Exhibition in Koh Pich, Phnom Penh.

Among many stores, I was interested in two stores. One was shoes store and another was rice art store.

Shoes Store


She names Phally, owner of shoes store. She has store at her hometown called Khmer Corp.

I did not ask much about her business history because my time was short. I was introduced to her store and her shoes quality by my friend. She ever bought shoes from her store for her kids. She told me that the shoes were good and the price was acceptable.


The store serves customers with two types, sell shoes and make shoes​. Somepeople cannot find suitable shoes at market, so they can go to Khmer Corp to order shoes adjust their feet. Also, if customer wants to make shoes with their own design, they can go to Khmer Corp.

It is all information I’ve got from Phally.

Rice Art Store


It is Rice Art Paining from Cambodian young artist.

Like I mentioned my time was short so I could not ask for much information.


I was informed that the painting is created by Khmer young artist. The store has only painting use of rice, no other source. The customer can buy the product or they can order the artist to produce painting of their logo, own image and object they love.

It was time. I had to leave the exhibition.

If you want to know more about them, you can visit facebook pages:

Khmer Corp : https://www.facebook.com/khmercorp2012/

Rice Art Painting : https://www.facebook.com/cambodiaricearts/

Museum For Blogger


If you are travel or history blogger, then it is a good place for your article.

The museum was officially grand opening on April, 08 2019. Srey Eysan Varaman Museum called in Khmer language or Sosoro Museum, official name.

It is located in Phnom Penh, close to Night Market, river side.

It is the unique museum, just about history of currency and economy of Cambodia.


Currency Making Machine in King Ang Duong Era

Because of this museum, I just realized that:

  • Cambodia had no currency, Cambodia did not know to spend money, only exchange things.
  • Cambodia started to know how to spend in 4th Century while other countries used in 2nd Century.
  • Cambodian first currency was coin (from Burma) in Funan period.
  • Cambodian had coins from Burma and Rome. It means Europe had done trade with Cambodian thousand years ago.
  •  During Khmer empire, Cambodian did not have currency. We exchanged things.
  • No currency was one factor among others making Khmer empire lost in war and the fall of Khmer empire, Angkor Era.
  • Khmer started to make currency in era of King Ang Duong. The king ordered currency machine from United Kingdom, transported to Cambodia by Singapore and installed by Thai. The machine is 2 ton kilograms and is placed inside park of Sosoro.
  • And more.


Inside the museum, it has air conditioner.

Sosoro has ground floor and first floor, divided to 12 small halls. You will find interesting story behind the currency and economy of Cambodia, from the very early years of Cambodia to currently Cambodia.

There are guides for each hall to describe to you along with technical devices, video seeing, information touch screen device etc.

Inside the museum you are not allowed to take photo/video.

There are coins from ancient times placed in glass-box. A lot of beautiful stories related to Khmer currency where you cannot find, only in Sosoro museum.

Sosoro opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 – 18:00. Monday and national holiday are closed. Price, $ 5.00 for international guest and $ 1.00 for Cambodian.

It is easy if you take motor there because there is no space for car park. And it will be easiest for you if you go there by public transport such as motordub, tuk-tuk or taxi. No need to worry about parking.

It’s true. Don’t wait. Come. It is very very awesome and fascinating.

Visit its website : http://www.sosoro-nbcmuseum.org.kh/

Good Price for Buffet Lover


In Tuol Kok area, near Indradevi High School, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, there is a buffet restaurant. Hana.

It is BBQ and soup eatery.

You pay $ 13.00 for one person and you can taste BBQ and soup in same table.

In this restaurant you don’t have to get up to get food. Just look at menu and tell number to staff, they will bring to you.





With such price, you can order meat, vegetable for both BBQ and soup. Also, drink and dessert are included : pepsi, green tea, ice cream etc. Except beer, you have to pay extra.

Please be noted that you should not order many in one time. Don’t waste food.


Buffet and soup are popular for Cambodian nowadays. The restaurant is full, almost everyday, and it is hard to find seat. So, if you don’t want to miss, please make call to reserve the table.

The place is not wide. As there are lots of customers, there are much smoke. So, I recommend you to think over if you or your family member has problem with the smoke.


Lunch 33$


It was my first time to have such expensive meal. Normally, my lunch was about $ 6.00.

My friend invited me to have lunch. First, we wanted to go to natural food store at another side of river but at last we decided to go to Exchange Square.

Hard Rock, second floor based on my remember.

When I looked at menu, no thing attracted me besides of rice with lok lak beef. It is my favorite.

My friend ordered hamburger. She just got a glass of hot water and I ordered mango-strawberry shake with energy drink. I was told and guaranteed from the staff that my drink was not alcohol.

Rice with lok lak beef was $ 9.99. My drink was $ 6.00. Hamburger was $ 12.99. My friend added bacon, $ 2.99.


 Yes, it was high price, but the taste also was different.

My rice was soft. Usually, restaurant uses hard rice seed. My stomach is not strong so I prefer soft rice; it matched my stomach standard. Moreover, it was much. I am rice lover, so I was glad that they served me big rice.

The beef was not tender 100% but I felt it was Khmer beef. Khmer beef meat is not tender and little tough and it was. Lok Lak is kind of fried beef with sauce. The core of taste is the sauce, and I liked the sauce mixed with beef meat, not so sweet, not so salty. The beef meat was many. I tried hard to finish all.


Talk about my drink. I did not like much but it was a kind of new taste to me. The sourness was much more than sweetness, and the energy drink produced bitterness. Well, at least it refreshed my tongue and my brain after walking under the heat.


I did not try hamburger but my friend told me it was great and it was bigger. She told me the taste and ingredient were well done. She could taste the difference between expensive hamburger and $ 3.00 hamburger.

It is rock music restaurant. There is a stage for rock-music performance but we went there at noon time, it had only MV of rock-star. Perhaps the performance is scheduled, not everyday/time.

Yes, try it if you want, but you have to prepare lots of money in your pocket.

Be a rich one day for a taste of life.