Two Thai Foods In Phnom Penh

Covid-19 has brought me some difficulties, especially vitamin M (M = money). In Cambodia, it is popular calling money is vitamin M. And everyone claim they lack vitamin M. Me too. Therefore, I went to apply for job and I got it and I work, that’s why I don’t update my blog for long.

After working one month, I got salary and I take time to taste food in order to write on my blog.

Today, I want to tell about Thai Food that I have eaten.

First is Boat Noodle.

I think everyone knows it. It is so famous and tourists – that go to Thailand – experience it.

When it is presented in Cambodia, especially Phnom Penh, it gains favor of Cambodian as well, and including me.

This Boat Noodle I have eaten in restaurant near my office. I want to express my own idea that it is good, but it cannot compare to Boat Noodle located on street 63, Phnom Penh. The noodle over there is more tasty. I have heard that it is from same owner, but I don’t know the taste is different.

It is good, but I prefer taste along street 63.

The Boat Noodle on street 63 is full taste while this one is little bit bland.

Moreover, the price is more expensive than on street 63. Perhaps it is because of air conditioner, and Boat Noodle store on street 63 has no air conditioner.

Second is Fried Rice With Fish Paste.

This kind of food is so popular in Cambodia also.

This one I have eaten in restaurant near my office.

Taste is quite so. At least, it is not salty, so I feel like it.

I don’t think it is delicious, but acceptable.

For the price is okay. It is about USD 4.00 due to air conditioner, I think.

There are more Thai Food that I will show next time article. For today, only this.

Thanks for reading.

See you next taste essay.

Snack To Taste After Visit National Museum

I don’t know about tourists, but Cambodian people after they visit National Museum located next to Royal Palace, they will go to eat chives cake. In Khmer language, we call, Num Kou Chay.

There are two food stores selling this chives cake since decades 90. The stores are close to corner and on left of Preah Meru Square. You can choose any of these stores.

Before, there were only two kinds of chives cake, round and square. Now, the menu is update. They increase taro and jicama.

Even though, there are new tastes, but the popular is still original taste, round and square cake made from chives.


What is the difference between round and square chives cake?

Well, the difference is, round cake has much chives and square cake has less chives.

Just this.

The chives cake is served with salty fish sauce. Also, guest can add chili sauce if they like spicy.

The chives cake is mostly fried in oil or pork oil. It is oily and it is not healthy food especially for older people and patient. But it is tasty snack that Cambodian cannot stop their stomach craving for it.

It is not expensive food. However, the place is not clean enough and a little bit hot because of smoke and no window – so wind comes into the store little. If you are person who need fresh air or windy, I don’t recommend you to go there unless you want to test and you can tolerate hot atmosphere.

That’s all what I want to tell about chives cake.

Make sure you read my article and think before you choose to eat it.

Thanks for reading. See you next essay.


Expensive Japanese Hotpot


Mo Mo Paradise is a Japanese restaurant located in Phnom Penh.

I had chance to go there because friend of my friend paid me. It is expensive, buffet, duration limit 1 hour and40 minutes, price about $ 26.00 per person.

The restaurant opens at 5pm. If you arrive early, you have to wait on sofa after front door.

The place is clean. As we already know that Japanese is master of clean, so that restaurant is clean – even restroom – and cool.

There are soup tastes that customer can choose. My group chose mushroom soup and bland soup, sukiyaki taste.


Although it is buffet, but meat is not allowed to pick, we call and staff will bring us. What we can walk and pick into our plates are vegetable and meatball. There are various kinds of vegetable, and meatball are few kinds, and tofu.

There are many sources. One sauce is bland, one is sour, one is mixed, one is salty.

Staff told me  two sauces are for mushroom soup and other two for sukiyaki soup, but I did not remember so I chose what I liked and the result was black one, salty sauce.




There are beef, lamb and pork.

Meat can be added, just tell staff then they bring you.

I can tell that I don’t like taste of those soup. They are heavy and tired taste.


I would not be able to eat much if there is no drink. The drink there is good. They are included.

There are:

  • lemonade which is sour, clean my tongue, wake up my stomach.
  • orange juice which is sweet, refresh my feeling.
  • lemon tea which is sweet and sour gives me energy.

There are few more drinks types, but I don’t remember.

After the buffet, we were served by ice cream and fruit that we could choose among these two.

If you ask me will I go there again? Well, I will, perhaps, if they pay me again 😀 .

Singaporean Recipe in Cambodia


I don’t know when Covid-19 will be vanished so I take chance to taste small food outside of house.

Nowhere can go besides of Aeon 2.

There, there is a Singaporean restaurant at third floor.

Because Covid-19 makes me earn less, so I choose lunch set with cheap price, $ 4.80, get rice and drink.

There are two kinds of rice, Hainan chicken and roasted chicken.

Actually, Singaporean cuisine taste is not right with my tongue, but at least, it is acceptable.


Hainan chicken meat is pale, bland and over tender.

I feel I am eating raw chicken meat.


It is better when I apply black bean sauce on it. Actually, Hainan rice has its sauce, but the sauce is not my taste, so I choose black bean sauce instead.

Ginger sauce is very important ingredient for Hainan chicken rice, but I cannot eat because its taste is completely different, and makes me bored.


I like roasted chicken rice more than Hainan rice in the restaurant. The taste is quite good, and my tongue can meet with taste.

At first, I thought it was roasted duck, when I was told it was chicken, I became surprised. I did not know that Singaporean make roasted chicken.

New taste.

Well, talk about drink, I can choose.. they have coke, lemon tea and another one, but I don’t know to write in English.

Drink taste is better than food, in my own opinion.

I think there are people have good view about Singaporean food. I just express about my idea, so sorry if my word is not appropriate. Even though, I am happy when I eat their food 😀 .


Yao He, Pickled Shrimp

yao he

In Cambodia it is called Yao He.

It is a kind of salty recipe.

Yao He is made by raw shrimp, mixed with salt, same as pickled food. It can be found in sea provinces such as Sihanouk Vile, Kampot, Kep and Koh Kong. Also, it can be found in Phnom Penh market especially, Central market.

It is very salty that I don’t recommend to old people and people with high blood pressure.

For me, it is a delicious that I like eating it with steam rice. Mostly, I add lemon juice to reduce its salt.

Because of its hard taste, after eat it, I drink warm water or my throat will be hurt and sometimes it may affect my nasal.

My purpose writing about this Yao He is to show what types of Cambodian food to the world, but I don’t recommend you to eat it.. unless you want to try, but please be careful.. it is tasty, but not healthy food.

5 Fruits Only In Cambodia And Asean


Let me introduce five types of fruit you may find only in Cambodia and ASEAN countries. Well, what I mean, you may able to find them in other countries but mostly in ASEAN and yes, my country, Cambodia.

Kampot Durian


In Cambodia, we distinguish durian by its provinces.

There are durians from Kampot, Sihanouk Vile, Pailin, Samlot, Kampongcham, Ratanakkiri and Mondolkiri.

Their tastes are different.

Among them, Kampot durian is well known and expensive because it has very good taste. Sharp sweetness.

It has yellow color, clearly, than durain from other provinces.

It has small pulp but its flesh is thick and its seed is small.

Yes, because it is good and delicious that’s why it gots high price.

Kampot durian is about 25,000 Riels per 1 kilogram (including flesh and cover) – about 6.00 USD.

It is seasoning fruit. June until July is season of durian. The cheap price is about 20,000 Riels per 1 kilogram.



Well, well, in Cambodia we call French Sweetsop.

It is sour and sweet.

It is not really seasoning fruit in Cambodia, but at least, it is popular especially among lady.

Its price is not so high, but it is considered as one of high price fruit in Cambodia. 1 kilogram prices 4,000 to 6,000 Riels, (cheap price) – about 1.00 to 1.50 USD – if there are a lots. If there is less numbers, price will be higher.



Rare seeing in Cambodian market because most of people don’t like its taste.

Only elder people eat this fruit.

Me, I like it.

When it is ripe, it is sweet and has good smell.

Not many Cambdoian farmers grow eggfruit.

But yes, it is sold in high price in the market, and few people buy it.



Keo Jen Mango

There are a lot of kinds of mango in Cambodia.

Because I have only photo of two kinds so I want to present these two. If I can get photo of all of them, I will show you next.

First is Keo Jen mango. The most famous and expensive mango in Cambodia. It is sweet and has good smell. Bring you energy.


Papaya Mango

Second is Papaya mango. I don’t know why it’s named like this. It is originally from Cambodia and mostly grow in house yard, for family eating only.

When it is young, it is so sour. When it is ripe, it changes to have sweet taste and juicy.

You cannot find it, Papaya mango, all time in market because it is not popular. Only some occasion and small market has it.



I bet some of you don’t know this kind of fruit.

It is a type of high price fruit in Cambodia and yes, again, it is popular among lady.

It grows in Cambodia, but I don’t know location.

Even though, it is popular but most people are afraid to eat it. Why? Because they are scared of poison.

If you want to eat mangosteen, before, during and after, you cannot eat sugar even sweet or sweet drink. It becomes poisonous if it touches with sweet, that’s why Cambodian are afraid to eat it. And they don’t feed mangosteen to kid and old people.


Well, that’s enough for my article.

Let see if next days, I can find any topic to your reading.

Thanks for reading.

Lobster Tum Yam


I still take chance to eat outside, but not frequently.

I just came back from Aeon Mall 2. I did not go alone, I went with my sibling.

We just went to have food then came back.

And we chose to have same soup, but different main course.



We selected Tum Yam. Yes, it is Thai food, just in Aeon it is made by Khmer cook. I selected noodle in lobster tum yam and my sibling preferred rice with lobster tum yam soup.

It has same price, $ 3.00.

It has two lobsters, but not big.

We can choose spicy or little spicy.

Taste? I have to raise thumb, but it is just little bit oily.

Well, you have to wait so long. So, if you are in hurry, don’t choose this menu. About 20 minutes to cook a bowl of tum yam because the cook makes you fresh soup.

Free Style Instant Noodle


Quarantine until Covid-19 says good-bye; therefore, try something new at home.

Nothing is better and easier than making instant noodle.

My own taste.

Take things from fridge.


Instant Noodle, with its sauces


Crab Stick




Beef, it is boiled and kept in fridge


Put everything in bowl and pour hot water into.

Cover it and keep for 2 minutes.

Then eat.

My Home Food

I don’t go out so cannot find any article.

I am hungry of writing so I look into my photos and I decide to post about food made at home during these day.

They were my lunch and dinner.

Let check what they are.


Fish Sour Soup


Fried Beef With Garlic


Bitter Melon And Pork Soup

20200420_091422Fried Beef With Tofu


Fried Sausage

Don’t Know What To Post

Today, I don’t know what to post on my blog.

So, I decide to share my dailytmotion video again.